Budget & Finances


There are no tuition fees at most German Universities but students must take into account the living cost required during studying in Germany.

A student must take in account the following expenses that will be required while processing for Germany.

-Language Course fees: ———–per level plus Examination fees

-Placement fees: Please visit us in person or send us an email at info@crystaltouragency.com for more information

-Living cost of one year: 10,236 Euros (one year living expenses and must be deposited in your blocked account before visa application submission)

-Visa Fees: 60 Euros at the moment for category D ( student visa application); check in the German embassy in your country

-Health Insurance: 70 US Dollars + 13% VAT (required after approval of visa); German Insurance companies TK- Techniker Krankenkasse;DAK-Gesundheit; AOK;DR-WALTER 

-Initial Settlement Expenses: ———— Euros (This amount must be carried for the initial settlement expenses because immediately upon arrival, you will need to pay for your rent and rent deposit, tuition fees if required and others till your blocked account gets activated)

Important note regarding Blocked Account for Student Visa

All students applying for student visa except scholarship holders must open up a blocked account at Deutsch Bank and transfer 10,236 EUR to their account. It is first year of their living expenses. It is important to note that students are not allowed to withdraw more than 853 EUR per month. So students should make a realistic calculation of their finances before applying for Germany.

For more information on Blocked Account: here

  • Blocked Account for International Students
  • Forms for Blocked Account
  • Opening a blocked bank account in Germany is easy. Follow these steps:
  • Choose the provider (Fintiba or Deutsche Bank).
  • Apply online for your blocked account (only applies to Fintiba).
  • Download and fill the pdf application form (only applies to Deutsche Bank).
  • Seek proper legalization at the German embassy (only if you’ve chosen Deutsche Bank).
  • Deposit funds.
  • Get your blocking confirmation.


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