High School in Germany

By attending a German school, you will have the early opportunity to get to know another education system, another country and, obviously, another language. Of course, you will also make a lot of new friends and experience a great deal of everyday life in Germany. 

Your advantage as a did exchange student

  • Attend a school in Germany and gather experience as an exchange student
  • Integrate yourself and become part of a host family!
  • Improve your German skills and discover the German culture.
  • Experience adventure a long way from home.

Where can I attend school?

Our program is located close to both large and small cities:

Bavaria- Augsburg , Nuremberg;



Lower Saxony – Oldenburg ;

NRW- North Rhine-Westphalia -Aachen, Dusseldorf, Cologne; Rhineland Palatinate- Montabaur/Koblenz .

In smaller cities, you will be most likely to live with a classic host family. In larger cities, the hosts are sometimes single individuals or those that have no children at home.

You can attend a German school for two or three months as a guest if you like. The school stay varies depending on the vacation schedule of the individual German state and lasts 10-11 months in the case of an entire year visit, 5 – 7 months for a half year. The stay always includes respective school vacations. After successful completion of the school term, you will receive a certificate or grade report. Before you register for the exchange, you should clarify with your home school under what circumstances your German school attendance will be recognized and let us know what they require. 

Included in the price:

School registration

Host family and board

Local support

Visa service

did participation certificate

Grade report (after 5 months)

PRICE starts 2.250 €-for 2 months

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